It's All About Priorities | Boulders Event Center

It’s All About Priorities

There is nothing more satisfying than a happy client, especially when that client is a bride whose wedding day is (up until that moment) the most important day of her life.

Recently, we received a thank you note from one of our bridal couples that brought an extra smile to our faces.

This particular bride and groom were in their 30s and both were being married for the first time. They’d waited and wondered whether they would ever find that someone special to share their lives. As a result, they wanted everything about their day to bring as much joy to their guests as they were experiencing themselves. As the bride explained, they didn’t expect a perfect day, but they wanted the day to be overwhelmingly happy for everyone in attendance. And that is precisely what occurred.

Because their focus was the marriage on which they’d be embarking, rather than the extravaganza of a wedding and reception, they were able to relax and truly experience every moment of their special day. We’ve rarely seen a bridal couple who are both so filled with love and gratitude for each other and for all those who helped to make their journey together meaningful.

These are the moments that make everything worthwhile.