The Best Value For Your Money | Boulders Event Center

The Best Value For Your Money

One of the great things about Boulders Event Center is the fact that our staff handles all the setup and cleanup before and after your event. When you arrive, the room is set up and ready to decorate. It only takes most families 2-3 hours to decorate for a wedding, depending on how elaborate their decorations are. And after the party, when everyone is tired, all the family has to do is load up their gifts, decorations and leftover food. Our staff handles everything else! We take out the trash; clean the tables, chairs, floors, windows and walls; clean the bathrooms; lock everything up; and secure the building. We make the experience as easy as possible.

Plus, if the facility isn’t booked the day before your event, we’ll allow you to come in and decorate during business hours the day before. If we are booked the day before, we’ll clean