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The Importance of Building Relationships

How connections pay off in event management and beyond

Building relationships is important. There’s a both an art and science to doing it successfully. Have you ever wondered why it’s so much easier to develop a rapport with someone you’ve actually spoken with? It’s because voices express personality cues like character, emotion, and intention more fluently and genuinely than a text or email ever could. Great relationships make it easier to anticipate each other’s needs and requirements. This holds true for business relationships as well as personal relationships. If you can find a business that fills the needs of your company or organization, things continually get easier the more you work together.

For instance, take us, Boulders Event Center. We have a very high retention rate of business clients because we know the importance of relationships. We work hard to understand our clients and their preferences in order to anticipate as many of their needs as possible. Sometimes, people know what they want but have trouble articulating it or simply don’t know the right questions to ask. The better we know our clients, the better we can meet or exceed their needs.

We also have a number of professional clients whose needs are the same from event to event. By maintaining a record of their previous requests, we’re able to easily outline what was done in the past and discuss any changes that might be needed. This makes the planning process much simpler and less painful, especially for event planners who are juggling too many tasks to put all their attention on a single event.

Whether you’re looking for a meeting venue or a supplier, take the time to find someone you feel comfortable working with. Someone who “gets” you and understands what you’re trying to accomplish. A great partner will be honest with you about any restrictions or hiccups but also be quick to offer alternatives.

Conveniently located in southwest Iowa, Boulders Event Center is ready and waiting to build a relationship with you. Call us today at 712.263.5577 for available dates and pricing.